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Halifax Resume Writing We Offer Professional and Student Resume Services

We pride ourselves in offering Halifax resume writing serivces that encompass who you are as a person. It is our belief that a resume should be as unique as the person it belongs to. Today’s job market in Halifax is evolving and with more applications than ever before, resumes are being lost in the pile. With our Halifax resume service this shakes things up. Not much has changed within the last 60 years; they are still bland and black and white with maybe a font other than Times New Roman. We tossed out conventional at the door and are bringing something new, something compelling, something bold to the table.

Resume Development

Your story is not just another page . You’ve lived your life to every chapter, now let us write the book. Resume writing is not just a skill it is an art. We showcase your skills in a tale your employers are not likely to forget.

Resume Design

With our stunning resume serivce and web designs we highlight your experiences. Our goal is to show the world who you really are, what drives you to be the best. We have something to fit every career and every personality!

Client Support

With our company we believe that clients come first! We try give 100% to every client that we have worked with. We go above and beyond the call to make sure your work is done on time and you have your best foot forward in all your opportunities.

How We Work

Our clients are not meek sheep that blend in so why should their resumes? When you work with Breva Atlantic you are working with Artisans trained to only craft the highest quality resumes. Artisans who not only take a look at the beauty of a resume but also the psychology of one. Everyone has a story, we make sure yours is told.


We create awesome ways to get your brand noticed. When applying for a position your selling yourself, why not market yourself like a business? Let’s get you some offers!


Using creative writing and creative layouts we can bring attention to you. If an employer goes through 50 black and white resumes and see’s a masterpiece sticking out of the pile that offeres beauty and sophistication,it is going to get you attention. If that resume is yours, you are a head of the game already.


Resume services are all the same in a sense they use other common templates that everyone else uses. Here at Breva Atlantic, everything is created by us. Our background is writing and design, this gives you the upper hand in being unique.


We have done work for hundreds of clients, and we get the same response, people are shocked at what we do for the application process. Not only do we love what we do but we care about our clients but want them to succeed and reach their full potential.


People We Made A Difference For

Our success depends on our clients success! Here are some of the things that our clients say about us!


Resume Services | Resume Writing | Portfolio Creation

Getting a job in Halifax, Nova Scotia is tough. It is a city that is always looking for “Better” positions and they do not make it easy. Many times walking into an opportunity we have so many questions in the back of our minds. How many people applied? Will They notice me? Did those extra experience jobs help? This is where we come in! With our guidance and our Halifax based resume service we can get you noticed!

Resume Writing

Executive | Professional | Student Resumes.

We offer resume writing to all career stages. Every person and every resume are written differently. Our packages take your strengths and showcase them to help put your best foot forward in getting to your next life accomplishment. Here are some of the services that we offer.

  • Resume Writing
  • Position Research
  • Resume Editing
  • Position Keywords
  • Custom Resume Templates
  • 7 Day Support
  • 4-10 Business Day Completion
  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Great Pricing
Resume Service

You are a great writer but need a second set of eyes? Or design work?.

We can take your completed work for an edit or give it an over haul to make it look like a million bucks! If you know what you want and how to get it there we would be glad to give the little assistance you need. Here is what we offer:

  • Editing
  • Cover Letters
  • Custom Templates
  • Advice for info missed
  • Lists of Job Application Sites
  • General Career Research
  • Closely Related Career Fields
Portfolio Design

If your not online do you exist? If you are online should we see it?.

Here at Breva Atlantic, we offer complete portfolio design that showcases your experience in the most professional way. In this process, we help you combine all the power of the internet and social media fully to market yourself. Reputation review and management is also a strong consideration when looking for a new career. Services we offer can allow us to give you a full report and bury the things you do not want found when clients search for you.

  • Portfolio Development
  • Graphic Design Work
  • Social Media Linking
  • Blog Creation
  • Reputation Management
  • Reputation Review
  • Social Media Management
  • Custom Request Forms
  • 4-10 Business days for development
  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Great Pricing on Packages
Resume Templates

Sometime simple designs or black and white does not cut it.

Resumes have been around for a long time and work wonders for people that use them to the best of their abilities. Todays job market in Halifax is a tough one, not everyone needs a resume writing service but we could all use some “look at me” to create some attention. Resumes do not all need wild power colours, with high quality graphics, some just need something that is not created in a generic text formatting software like everyone else. Custom Resume Templates. Here is what we offer:

  • Custom Resume Templates
  • Personal Designed Templates
  • Professional Graphics Packages
  • Career Geared Templates
  • Content audit
  • Editing
  • 4-10 Business Days for Completion
  • Awesome Customer Service
  • Great Pricing
We Are DesignersWe Are WritersWe Are DevelopersWe Are Creative

— The Breva Team—

Our Work

Recent Resume Projects And Designs

These are some of the designs that we offer for our resume writing here in Halifax. If you have questions or would like to have one on your resume, shoot us an email; Checked back for newly updated designs and resume ideas.


Our Formula To Client Happiness

This is the process of how all our work goes from consultation to completion. We use this method because it allows us growth and client reviews within the development process. Take a peek Below.


This is the first phase that allows us to interview you and find your needs. This shows us your desired career path, career goals and give us an idea of where to start from..


In phase two we thoroughly research each resume to assure that the highest of standards are met and the latest job criteria is used.


In phase three it all comes together. We specially hand craft each one of our resumes appropriately to highlight your skills and qualification.

Review and Revisions

Phase four is where we review all our work with our clients and make changes as requested.

Most Processes take four to ten business days for completion. Some work may take longer for special requests.


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Halifax, Nova scotia, Canada