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Career Change Cover Letter and Resume Creation That Sells

Working to create a resume that sells it is always easier to build it when you have worked in the same career.  It is possible to create a resume for a career change that will work perfectly.  We have gathered some of the best tips for you to craft a career change resume.  Read on to land that new job.

In a Career Change Your Skills Matter!

Many people will leave out a skills section on a modern resume but if you are considering a career change, then you need to include a skills section.  While it doesn’t hurt to list a few extra skills, you should try to keep it relevant to the new position.  You may not have any formal training in the career but there are many skills that can be used in any profession.  Skills such as knowing how to use a computer or Microsoft Office are great examples of this.

Highlight Relevant Experience

While you may not have been in the same career there are plenty of jobs that have overlapping experience.  For example, customer service experience is great for almost any career.  Even police officers are often expected by human resources to have past customer service experience.  Make sure that your resume has as much relevant experience on it as possible.

Research Career Resumes

Most careers have information that they expect to see on a resume.  Knowing this information and ensuring that your resume displays whatever applicable experience, skills, and education that you have can be a major selling point.  There are many career specific resume websites that can help you determine what to put on your resume.  There are also many job websites like LinkedIn that you can use to gather the same information.  Make sure that you research keywords and phrasing that work best for the career to which you are applying.

Show Stable Job History

Showing that you have a stable job history is important.  You want to show employers that you aren’t constantly hopping between different jobs.  Ideally, employers want to see you at a job for at least a couple of years.  If you have had multiple jobs, be prepared to explain it in the interview.  Also, do your best to dress up quick job changes or time between employment.  For the time between employment, do your best to show that you were doing something, such as seeking education or volunteering.

Career Change Tip: Read Job Requirements

A great way to find points to focus on when building a career change resume, or any resume for that matter, is to read the job requirements on the job posting.  Target individual job requirements at various parts of your resume and try to keep the wording similar so that someone reading your resume can easily see that you have that experience.  Don’t let it discourage you if you are missing one requirement, employers know that you need to start in a career in order to get some experience.

Sell What You Have To Offer

Remember that no matter what, when you are building a career change resume, that you are competing against many people who have already been in the industry.  You need to sell your potential employer on what you have to offer that their other candidates do not.  Try to also sell what you have that their current employees don’t even have.

Make Sure That You Can Back It All Up

Anything that you put on a career change resume should be able to be backed up.  When you are in an interview, chances are you will be asked how your experience at each job has prepared you to take this new career.  Before an interview, make sure that you have thorough notes to help you answer these questions without hesitation.  This shows that you have put thought into your resume but also that your experience is useful.

Creating a resume when you have been in the same career for a while is very easy.  When it comes time to leave your career, it becomes harder, though.  These tips will help to make crafting a career change resume much easier.  With these tips, you can even craft your career change resume in only a matter of hours.  Good luck getting that new job! If you need any help do not be afraid to contact us!

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