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Colored Resume Templates And Why You Need One

In a world of technology and artistry, there are a lot of resumes that go out to potential employers.  Over 90% of those resumes are black and white, they easily blend one into another.  In a competitive world you need to stand out but how can you do that?  Coloured resume templates can stand out and even make you more appealing in the workplace.

It Doesn’t Bore The Interviewer

With so many black and white resumes it is really easy for an interview or human resources representative to get bored with a stack of resumes.  Anything you can do to get yours singled out in a good way is important.  By adding colour, you are adding a piece of flare to your resume that will catch someone’s eyes and hold their attention.  It won’t be another black and white eyesore.

A Coloured Resume Makes You Look Technologically Savvy

Whether or not you make a resume yourself or not, adding color to a resume can make you appear to be technologically savvy.  Typically, colour is viewed as something that is more advanced as you need to know how to do it and how to style it in the way that makes it attractive.  It also means that you have an idea of how to format documents.

A Coloured Resume Makes You Look Creative

Creativity is a skill that is in high demand in today’s workforce and there are very few ways that you can show it before an interview.  Coloured resume templates are one of the only ways that you can show that you are a creative person before you even meet a company.  Colour is used to add a little bit of flair to your resume.

Colours Convey Personality

Different colours can convey your personality in different ways.  Each colour is thought to be used to convey attributes like action, power, trust, calmness, and more.  For example, red is typically a powerful colour while green is used to express calm.  By working these colours into your resume you can use them to reflect the right personality for the job you are applying to. Look at some examples of coloured resume templates.

It Isn’t A Cookie Cutter World

Not too long ago there was a standard for how a resume should look.  Each and every resume should be visibly similar in order to show that someone can craft a document that makes them look “professional”.  This isn’t true anymore.  In today’s world, employers are looking for employees that stand out and can help the company grow.  Being able to use colour in a proper manner can be just as professional as a black and white resume.

Businesses Are Branded

One of the biggest terms when it comes to designing anything for a business is brand.  A brand includes the obvious, such as slogans, images, and the like.  It also includes the colours that represent the company.  If you think of target that would be red and white.  Amazon would be goldish/yellow.  If companies have a branding, why shouldn’t professionals?  By using colour you are helping to brand yourself as a professional.  It represents your skills, attributes, personality, and creativity.

Many professionals talk about personal brand because it makes you easily recognizable in the professional world.  Maybe the human resources person will recognize your personal brand from your website, or they will recognize it from a place like linked in.  No matter what, being recognized can help you land the job that you want.

A Quick Note About Colour

It is important to note that while you can use colour in your resume, it shouldn’t be a whole rainbow of colour.  Complimenting colours can be used to differentiate headers, jobs, and the like but never add colours that don’t complement each other.  Microsoft Office has a colour pallet that has built in themes so that you can get an idea of what colours work well together.

Incorporate colour into your next resume to make yourself stand out when someone might hire you.  The extra bit of umph behind your resume could be what you need to land the job.  Good luck on getting that dream job, or promotion that you might be looking for.

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