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Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips 2017 - To Land You The Job!

Job Interview Tips That Will Get You Through Interrogation

Going through the interview process for any job can be stressful, even if you like the people interviewing you.  This is because you are in the spotlight but it is your time to shine.  During an interview it is your job to convince the potential employer that you are the person for the job.  We have put together some job interview tips for you that will help make sure that you land that job.

Research The Employer

It is important to research any employer that you interview with.  This will help to give you a feel of what the company is looking for from potential employees.  Many businesses have beliefs and principles that guide their actions.  Knowing these beliefs and principles by doing research allows you to be able to show that you follow them too.  Often times you can also find out information on the person that you are interviewing with that can be useful.  Plus, one of the biggest questions in an interview will be what do you know about the company?  And this isn’t just so they can teach you, it is to see how much thought you have put into the position.

The same idea of researching your potential employer stands for researching the industry.  There are certain expectations and professional standards in some industries.  Other industries have a lack of them and would be surprised if you followed them during the interview.

What To Wear

While in today’s modern world the question of what to wear to a job interview can be difficult there are standards you can go by when a business doesn’t tell you what to wear.  Like most job interview tips would suggest, you want to wear business casual.  For men (and women that want to) that means slacks, a button down shirt, and possibly a tie.  Don’t forget to make sure your shoes and belt are of high quality.  Women who do not want to wear slacks have the option to wear a professional skirt or a professional dress.

You can always ask a company what is appropriate to wear to an interview if you are unsure of what to wear.  Before you ask, make sure to read any email communication between you and the interviewer because it is usually included somewhere in the email.

Questions To Ask

Future employers expect you to be smart and able to think on your own.  That is part of the reason that they ask if you have any questions during the interview, they expect you to ask questions.  You do not want to ask quick, on the spot questions.  You want to have thought out questions that make you sound intelligent.

Before the interview, while you are researching the employer, jot down any questions that you may have.  This will help you be prepared to ask questions that make you sound intelligent.  Here are some questions that people have asked in the past;

  • Is there anything that makes you think I wouldn’t be the perfect fit for this position?
  • How is your company different than others in the industry?
  • What is an average day like at your company?
  • What kind of training is involved in being hired?
  • Where does the company aim to be in x amount of years?

Remain Calm

It sounds easy but may feel like it is hard to do but the best way for you to get a job is to remain calm during the interview and appear confident.  It helps to practice with friends or family before the interview.  They can give you job interview tips based on the practice interviews.  This will also help you to feel more prepared and confident when the actual interview comes.  It also helps to tell yourself that you are doing the best you can and will succeed at the interview.

When you are in an interview there are two things that you should not forget.  First, the interview is your time to show the company how you can make a difference for them.  Second, you are also interviewing the company.  Take the time to see if the company is somewhere that you want to work.   Good luck in getting the job, hopefully these job interview tips helped! If you have any questions contact us or leave a comment below!

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